++++ Harrisburg PA, Pool School w/ Scott Lee ++++

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Book your spot now, this is going to fill up fast.
May 22nd, 23rd, & 24th.
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Looks to be a great event! I'll be there also and looking forward to seeing everyone.


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It's BACK??!!!

This is the three day school in Harrisburg I attended, I recommend anybody who wants to commit to improving their game to attend.

Lots of AZers, as well as league shooters showed up.

Ifyou put the time in, give a full effort, and work hard during the class, and then commit for the next few weeks/months to doing your homework, your game improve.

PS...any current or future opponents of mine, please disregard this message!
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How mad do you think my friend be if I told him I couldnt be the best man in his wedding, becasue I have to go to pool school that weekend :)

Kevin Lindstrom

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Thanks Cooper! Yes, we'll be holding another pool school in Harrisburg, PA next month. I'll be joined by Denny Stewart, of the Ohio Pool School, Cooper Hockensmith, and probably one or two other guest instructors. This will be a great school.

Scott Lee

What is the price for this instruction and what arethe hours of the class?




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Hey Scott,

This sounds tempting... I am a current student of Denny's and he, amongst others, has many good things to say about you and your abilities as an instructor.

I'm going to do some negotiating with the boss (wife) and if she gives me the thumbs up... I will contact you.