Have full size Hightower lathe for local sale


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I don't know how to private message so for details email me I guess unless someone can teach me how to pm. Since they changed it I haven't been on much because I don't know how. Binghamton N.Y. area
bergencountybill@aol is my email address and is preferred if you can't teach me this new system. Bill

I haven't gotten back to people...I haven't put up pictures...I haven't sold it....I have been inable to get around temporarily....I will do it the right way asap....thanks all.....
I also have a bunch of stuff ,,,machines,,,tools,,, that I have duplicates of and will sell if you come to see the lathe...
sorry cant package and mail anything...GOOD DEAL for someone not too far away from Binghamton N.Y.
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