He asked for help,I tried but.........................


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It's funny b/c in the old days, no one was willing to help anybody else. You had to gamble to get a better player to even shoot a game with you, and if you were the weaker player you had to try to learn just from matching up.

Measureman, here you are willing to share your extensive knowledge and experience, and the other guy is not taking your advice. So maybe he doesn't really mean it when he says that he wants help. And he definitely doesn't deserve it. He'll just make the same mistakes over and over, and losing to the same people.

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That’s true(almost) for sure in 1P it’s higher. I can’t play 14.1 at all.

My mind gets divided on making the ball and where the white ball is going. It’s a very strange this as it’s important in all pool. Something about 14.1 just doesn’t work for me. In 1P of course I can control both the OB & CB no problem, which should mean that I could do the same in 14.1-but I can’t. 🤯🤯

I just get frustrated and stop after a few minutes. It will never work for me. All other cue sports I’m fine with. Golf on the snooker box is a bit dry for me as well.

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It might have something to do with sort of a choice overload since you can go through a rack in multiple ways while still doing it “properly”. In every other game there are fewer “obvious” choices since you have more limited orthodox options. I find that from week to week my 14.1 game can vary quite a bit, I find that when I’m struggling for concentration I play better when I start with a softer break as opposed to blasting them. Starting with 3-6 open balls tends to focus me a bit more.


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I've run 52 twice.

I find that going for the shots in which you current;y have good position pay off.

I find that when going for those shots, not to shoot until I convince myself that it is the right decision or I usually end up missing. Sometime this takes imagination in ignoring those other easy shots on the table.


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Funny, but I also have seen a bit of that over the years. A player asks for advice -- but they either ignore it or they "already know that". Funniest thing is a few months later I see them do the right shot instead, and they come up to you and say something like, "I got that shot from you."

It seems to be mainly just in the moment their pride is such that no way can they actually acknowledge you could teach them anything, but once it's a safe time later, OK, then they can acknowledge they learned something from you lol.