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I have been playing pool for 50 plus years and just started playing 3 cushion about a year ago. I have been using my Schon cue with a standard Schon shaft. Most of the guys i play with use a 3 cushion cue with the constant taper shaft. I do not like the feel of the larger shafts. Should i try a laminated shaft? If so what would be a good size in mm? Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Thanks, Don

Bob Jewett

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I used a separate carom cue (Schuler) for several years. I gave up on it because of the taper and the fact that I also played pool. Changing back and forth between cues was bothersome, especially because the squirt (cue ball deflection) was different. For the last 20+ years I have used the same cue for both games, although that cue has changed a couple of times.

Another problem for me with conical tapers is that I don't like to use a glove and they are pretty much required if you are going to use a closed bridge.


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Shafts can be made that aren't a strict conical taper. All my shafts are modified cones.

I might suggest Kilby "can" solve your problem. He can make a carom shaft to match your joint, as long as your joint diameter is big enough.

Longoni has taper choices too.

As a side note, I just got back from Jacksonville, FL where I found a table. I didn't bring my cue so had to use a house cue. In the middle of a game my opponent offered up one of his cues for me to use. I hesitated since he was playing with a pool cue and figured that was what I would be borrowing. Sure enough. Well after about 6 innings I went back to the house cue. I completely missed the OB twice in those innings and scored zero points. Way more deflection than what I'm used to.

If your room has some old style (non pro taper cues) just use them for a while. That'll help you decide what you need to do.
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I second the notion of sticking with one cue taper shape, whatever design it is. I've played billiards 90% of the time for the past 16 years, so I play pool with my billiard cue also.

Admittedly I didn't always love pool with my conical wood shafts, but I recentish-ly purchased a carbon fiber conical shaft that I hate for 3 cushion, but actually LOVE for pool. Go figure.

Similar geometry, though: stayed conical.