Hmmmm! Someone go teach Florian "Venom" Koehler how to shoot with T.O.I.


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Even if he's not an A player, how hard would it be for him to get there.

Not hard at all.

As for why he doesn't enter in bigger tournaments. Why would he? Dude makes more than most pool players, gets plenty of exposure, and all with none of the headache.

How hard would it be? I'm not sure. He seems like a hard worker so I'm sure he could. But he'd need to work on aspects he maybe hasn't ever worked on...

I didn't ask why he doesn't enter in a big tournament. I don't care if he does or he doesn't but if he did I'd bet against him doing well. Nothing personal, I'm just not ready to believe he can play.


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I was just wondering what kind of conventional shot - maker he would have turned out to be if he had never gotten into skill - shot shooting and concentrated on mastering T.O.I instead...

However good a conventional shot maker he could have turned out to be using the TOI system, it wouldn't be as good as he would turn out to be by not using it.