Holiday Giveaway from OTRTV - Free Prizes for 3 Winners

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Well I thought I would have a little fun and do a giveaway for the holidays. There will be 3 winners drawn randomly with the number coinciding with your post using a random number generator at . You can post as much as you like to win so feel free to post some pool trivia, facts, rumors, pictures or whatever you want in this thread. Lets have some fun.

Winners will receive either a Taom Tip, Last 4 Ever Tip tool, or DVD of their choice from the or our Ebay or Amazon Store. We also will give the option to chose instead a digital download from our Vimeo store at . Winners will be drawn on Friday December 9th. Happy Holidays everyone! :thumbup:

For those of you who can't wait to win enjoy our Cyber Monday Deal! Click this link to take advantage of it.


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Whoever wins this..I'd suggest "Rocket's Science" video if you don't already have it...


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my daughter practicing at age 4.5 on our home table

My 4 and a half year old daughter practicing her stroke on our home table


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Thank for the giveaway. The last 4 ever tip tool is great and rocket science was a very informative DVD with Rodney morris.


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I have a serious question about this tip tool...


How do we know it lasts forever?


...and how do we know this statement is true?

and how do we know that Lenny is actually fast?