How Do I Stop Scratching On This Shot?


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There are times you may have to draw due to the location of other balls on the table that may carom the cue ball into the corner pocket. For me its tough to draw out of a scratch here because I have scratched so often by banking the cue ball into the same corner as the 8. You have to use draw and slow speed to avoid the scratch. I prefer hitting this with a rolling cue ball.
If the table is level and you can trust it-yes we agree 100%.


If not now...
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Ray Martin must have that same shot in his classic, 99 Shots.

He even uses the same size balls in his drawings.

(Find the tangent line and adjust to that.)

Jeff Livingston


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No one talked about the psychology of the shot.

You can give some players the above advice over and over, but they keep peeking at the scratch pocket. They look at it and not the potting pocket. Sure as shooting, they pocket the cue.


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Aim thin, hit it with some INSIDE.

Use the swerve to come into the object ball like a bowling ball comes into the pocket of the pins.