How Do You Repair a Wear Spot In The Cloth?


Banger McCue
Silver Member
Because my table gets a lot of solo play most of the break shots are played from the headspot. Consequently the head spot ares developes a depression in the cloth, a wear spot. Over time it gets to the point that it will effect the play of the cloth.

I am using blue Simonis 860 on a 7' diamond pro/am. It was recovered in Feb. of this year. It gets several hours of daily play, and the rest of the cloth is in great shape.

Is there anything I can do to repair it until the table itself needs new cloth or am I (as I suspect) pretty much stuck. I'd like to get another 4 - 6 months out of it before I replace it.

Thanks for any ideas.



Pro Billiards
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Friction burn marks are cosmetic, not wear.
You can eliminate this in the head area by using a 3x3 piece of break cloth.