How many Cues do you own today


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2 Runde era Schon
7 Rundes
3 break cues (heavy hitter, bk2, bk rush)
2 jump cues (air rush, jacoby carbon)
1 C8 Mcdermott
1 Stealth
1 Viper

Never play, what an idiot.


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Tengo tres tacos por mi cuenta.

- Liga de Pool. No sé nada sobre el fabricante, es el nombre escrito en la señal, pero me encanta porque fue mi primera señal. Estaré agradecido si alguien sabe algo al respecto.
- Buffalo Premium No.3 (fabricado por Adam)
- Balabushka GB-5. Una pieza de los años 90 hecha por Adam. Tiene algunas "marcas de guerra" por los años.

Playing Cues:

- Pool League. I don't know anything about the manufacturer, it's the name written on the sign, but I love it because it was my first cue. I will be grateful if anyone knows anything about it.

- Balabushka GB-5. A 90's piece made by Adam. It has some "war marks" from the years.

- Mezz EC-C. Replaced some time later by the EC7 and EC9 series, but I still prefer this one. I love playing with him.

- Predator Sneaky Pete SPJU. One of the first, if I'm not mistaken. From the year 2000. Uni-Loc with steel joint, not wood.

- Predator SE-9 by J. Pechauer. A special edition from 2006. According to what it indicates, only 100 were made.

Playing Shafts:

- Predator 314 Uni-Loc
- Predator 314 5/16X14 (11,8mm)
- Predator 314-2 Uni-Loc (11,8mm)
- Mezz WX-Σ (Sigma) United

- Becue Engaged Uni-Loc
- Becue Engaged United

Break Cues:

- Mezz Power Break Kai. Just I love it.

- Little Monster Break Jump Cue. I think it's made by Konllen, or at least they have it on their website. As a break cue it is great but as a jump cue it is horrible. I thought maybe it was a tip thing, but after replacing it it's still just as bad when it comes to jumping

Jump Cues:

- Fury CY-9

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Dufferin Zodiac
Viking plan jain with linen wrap.
2 Bocate Predator p3's (one wrapped)
Jacoby Laminate
A fancier Jacoby
Jim Pierce
Predator BK Rush
Jacoby Jumper

1 Dufferin wood
1 Viking wood
3 Treadway Wood
2 Jim Pierce Wood
1 Jacoby wood jump shaft
1 Jacoby carbon fiber seconds in 11.8
1 Jacoby Black V4 in 12.4
1 Radial Revo in 11.8
2 Uniloc Revo one 11.8 and 1 12.4
1 Revo Carbon Break shaft.
1 White Carbon 11.75 with Viking Qr and 3/8-11 inserts.

3 JB 4x8's


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My playing cue: Mezz EC-9 W5 with Ignite shaft
My break cue: JFlowers BRKR red
My jump cue: 30 years old jump break cue from Huebler with a custom break shaft with G10 tip


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Six, but my addiction is only in the early stages.

Predator Sneaky Pete
Doug Beasley 4 point
Eric Iorgov
Coos Cue MW
Cuetec Cynergy Breach Break Cue

8-ball Rat

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1 Tim Scruggs 4-pointer from the late 70s (or early 80s), 2 original shafts

2 Joss cues with 2 original shafts

2 Predator Revo shafts (12.9)

1 Cuetech Synergy shaft (12.5)

David in FL

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Four players, one break, and one jump...

One of the players hasn't seen the light of day in 30 years, one was put up 4 years ago when I got my Nitti, and one sits in the trunk of the car, just in case. It probably hasn't been out in over a year…


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2 Runde era Schon
7 Rundes
3 break cues (heavy hitter, bk2, bk rush)
2 jump cues (air rush, jacoby carbon)
1 C8 Mcdermott
1 Stealth
1 Viper

Never play, what an idiot.
That C8 is probably the best looking cue of the bunch.


My wife jokes about this that the top 10 pool players combined might have fewer than what I have! probably 40 to 50 and twice as many shafts! Any new shaft comes ... I go and buy thinking I will play better with it .. though most are production cues, save for two custom. Lot of cheap Players, Dufferin, Cuetec and Scorpions in range of $150 to $200 though - mainly different joints. Already about 11 CF shafts (including 3 for break)! Also own most of the gimmicks as well! :) A sucker is born every minute they say ... about quarterly in my case :)
Considering my comeback is only a little over 1 year, too many. BUT my rational to my wife is "I'm not yet sure what will work best at this stage."

Do extra shafts count:ROFLMAO:?