How many Cues do you own today


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We have a member I said need change his user name too:


Guy had unique collection, live in Eastern Europe.

Me I just have couple I play it try to play with.

Not collector, out grew that habit.


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4×$80 that came with my table
2×SPR8W that I bought
1 Lucasi jump cue
2 cues from my Dad's house which my older brother won in college.


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1 Dufferin Zodiac that I currently use as a break cue
1 Viking
1 Jacoby Jump cue
1 Jacoby laminated cue with carbon fiber shaft.

They are also listed in order of purchase


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I have 9. In no particular order:
  • Sailor
  • Viking - 1980s or early 1990s
  • Pechauer
  • Meucci Sneaky - old and straight
  • Meucci PP-1 (I think) - newer and straight
  • Dale Perry - eBay cue, not one of his early higher value ones
  • Schmelke
  • Homemade by unknown maker - inlays are a bit rough, but it hits a ton 😁
  • Bucky Badger logo cue with a screw-on tip - gets action every time I take it to a bar 😉
Any of these could be for sale pretty reasonably other than the Perry and the Meucci sneaky.


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An old red schmelke that was given to me a long time ago which i dont know much about but probably should, A cheapy amazon special viper for breaking, A retired mcdermott red diamondwood, a custom pechauer, and a custom OB currently being made. And thats it. Need to stop buying cues.
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Five. Three snooker cues, one English pool playing cue and one English pool break cue. I also have a new playing cue coming in around February.

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Currently 5
a Simpsons cue.
A super nice sneaky Pete I won in an apa tournament
A chuck Starkey all birdseye player

My two I use are the players pure x jump break and my blackpearl butterfly masterpiece