How would you run this?


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Well, after seeing that you actually ran out that rack, you can join my league team if you move to Massachusetts. You passed the test :thumbup:

The first shot I though would cause issues, being hooked behind the 4, you actually almost did that :smile:

I like how the lighting came out on the video.


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Again, sorry for the confusion with the way I set-up the wei diagram. It looked like the 1 didn't go in the corner which it obviously does in the video.

You butchered the layout of the 2 and 14 too. Those are significant mistakes to make in the diagram when you're asking "How would you run this?"

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Six to the Seven

In planning my out, which is doable....I must get my angle from the 3 draw back to the four in the side Perfect. Coming off the 4 ball to the five is Then....Very controllable and most important your able to get the cue ball Closer to the doing that, I'm able to control the 5 to the six ball shape which the is Key to getting me from the 7 to the eight.
I'll just shoot the one in corner, draw straight back one rail and out, and Guarantee I'll be on the proper side of the two ball, that angle and resulting shape on the 3 is the entire shot if the out is desired, and why not. I'd like to be right on top of the three ball about 18'' away, giving me the ability to work the pocket with my draw shot. I could even play shape for the 4 in the upper corner pocket with still a good angle to get on the 5.
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Nice out.

I guessed basically same pattern thru the 8 after starting with the bump outs of the 2 and 14, shooting the 1.

The 10-12 combo looks tougher in the diagram...I figured to come off the rail after making the 8, shoot 9 to same pocket, then 2 rail cb out of top corner to short side of the 10 for the upper side.(about a one diamond wide window on the bottom rail....:eek:)

The combo must have layed good, the 10 hardly moved when you hit the combo.

Once past the 10, the rest were open and reachable, revamp plan as needed.

Good shooting, good PSR, solid stroke and tempo. Wish I could get that low on the cue.

thanks for posting the video

I might get out in 20+ tries, but probably not.