In the ZONE x 3: About the best potting & position anyone can see!

Colin Colenso

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Ronnie O'Sullivan v ex World Champ Sean Murphy. Ronnie gets into a zone that he is famous for, and makes a very hard game look like child's play. As good a clearance as I've ever seen.

If the link doesn't take you there, it's 1 hour and 44 mins into the frame.

Starts with Ronnie O'Sullivan making a great safety shot, then ex World Champ Sean Murphy jawing a shot out and then Ronnie clears the table, with the best compilation of brilliant pots and positional shots I've ever seen in a single frame of snooker.

On one shot, he draws to clip off 4 red balls, and I don't mean a cluster, I mean clip, clip, clip, clip, to gain position on the black, and clips them all perfectly.

It's poetry in motion.

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