iphone break app?


AzB Silver Member
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Ok I know there is an iphone breaking app, so what's it called?
Is it on android already too?
I want to see about getting it for both of my phones.

For those of you who love or hate apple I posted a question in the non pool related forum too! Please take the poll and give me some advice.



AzB Silver Member
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How does it clock. Do you place the phone in front of 1ball and it measures the impact of the cb?


Kim Walker
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You tell the app the size of the table and where the cue ball is on the table by moving the little white ball on the screen.

It measures the speed by sound. The first sound is when you hit the cue ball and the second sound is when the cue ball hits the rack. The time between the 2 sounds aids in calculating the speed of the cue ball.