ivory searing


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first ivory over steel joint dennis searing has ever done. this is the first of many to come. this is a special cue as well because dennis made this cue for himself to play with and ended up selling it to a friend of mine. now its back to me. its for sale one more time. this cue is loaded with abolone inlays silver ivory ringwork solid ivory butt cap. just a great cue two shafts ivory ferrules.


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more pics the wrap is buffalo


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Tatuaje in the house🤘🏻
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sean shame on you.................................that is one sick cue gl on your sale although you wont need it for such a MONSTER.......mickey carroll


I'm back
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Wow, this Cue is a MUST HAVE, shoot me a PM when you are ready for sell:grin:


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That is an awesome looking cue by Super D.
The choice of wood, the inlay work, the rings and the butt cap really came together very well.
Awesome Combinations!
Inquiring minds want to know...
Please shoot me a PM with a price for the cue.

Good luck with the sale.


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call me for a perfect case to match,Thomas black buffalo 1x2
214 477 7323


or else send the cue to me so I can match it in this beautiful case I have
that would look better with your cue. You have exactly the ype of cue that I like.
I order cues like that all the time mother of pearl is beautiful