Jacoby Soft Hit, What others?


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I recently tried a buddies new Jacoby (HB4T) with the Ultra shaft and loved how soft the hit was. To ensure it wasn't just the shaft I tried the Ultra on my Dishaw and it softened the hit slightly but nothing like when its on the Jacoby butt.

I have owned a OB1 in the past and found it way too soft of a hit, as well have tried different soft tips and nothing has compared to the feel I got from the combination Jacoby butt with the Ultra shaft.

Does anybody have other suggestions of cues that play on the softer side? Currently I'm using a Dishaw (2006) with a 314-2 which I said I would never move away from. But after hitting with the Jacoby I'm thinking maybe it's time to shop!

Thanks in advance for any feedback offered.



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IMHO Pat Deviney jane cues hit pretty soft, with their full splice sneakies coming in a little stiffer but not by much. They do play well and Pats cues are top notch, you could also just go with a Jacoby like you said you liked.


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McDermott cues hit on the softer side if you ask me.

I like the feel of their hit with the wood-to-wood joints and the 3/8-10 pin.


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I always found the Tiger sneaky with the X shaft played pretty soft.

A good friend has a Shick with ivory ferrule, a pad, and a soft tip. Feels like a marshmallow


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Mcdermott without a SS joint for production cue and Mike Capone or Nitti without a SS joint for a custom cue. Need to have soft tip on the custom cues as well.


Try the Jacoby 31"

It hits awesome with a medium Zan or Harno tip on it!
Love it! Much better than my Mezz ExPro and all the other shafts I have tried!


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