Jimmy Reid's "Almost All I Know"


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This 3 DVD set contains some of the most detailed information on more kicking systems than you'll ever need to know.

The systems are really for advanced players and the viewer needs to take a lot of notes. I had to rewind the DVD SEVERAL times to understand what he was trying to say. The information is GREAT, but he had a hard time relaying his information in a clear, logical format.

All in all... worth the money hands down... just be prepared to be confused for a while.


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I agree. It's really for the "advanced player'. I tried to stay with it.......had a hard time. Again, I am only referring to the detailed kicking systems video where he breaks out the long board. I still watch all the other videos in the set. Still amazes me all the knowledge Jimmy retains, especially when he's explaining his systems. He must have been great at math!

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Jimmy Reid personally taught me more systems than I could ever retain. What I did retain I use to this day nearly 16 years later. One of the lesser known and unfortunately underrated Professional Class Player/Instrutors in the game.

All Jimmy's work is worth it in my opinion.


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as stated before, they are advanced systems, but well worth it. his 3 rail and 4 rail systems are nutts... but dead on! If you want to kick with accuracy, i highly recommend these dvds.


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awhile back someone on here was doing a special on jimmy's dvd's the complete set and the money was going srtaight to him....i would like to purchase this set if anyone can lead me in the right direction please pm me,thanks,hoss.

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Jimmy has a special on his website right now. All 5 DVDs and 2 CDs, 10 hours worth of material. Was 49.95 plus shipping. My total was 58.45 for shipping to California. Reading the reviews here made this top my wish list and my brothers ordered this for my Christmas gift.
Jimmys website is http://freepoollessons.com/site/category/instructional-dvds/
and I just could not turn down the amazing deal. As soon as I have time to use them and get to put the work in I will post a thorough review of just how much I have improved.
I wanted to thank those who posted above for your reviews. These really have helped me make a decision on getting this set and I look forward to the lessons I will learn.