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This is a cue I just picked up from the East Coast. Its a cue made by a local cuemaker here in Arkansas. Joe Childs has been making cues for over thirty years in Mount Holly Arkansas. Its a small town down south and very close to Eldorado Arkansas. Here are a few pics of the cue. Glad to see this cue with my collection. Please give me your thoughts and review of the looks of the cue.


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Interesting design. What a HUGE bumper. Baby got back! LOL!

I think I like the cue. It's unusual. Is that a piloted joint?


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Not sure about the joint, I think your correct! The bumper is not the original bumper. The guy I bought it from put that big boy on the cue. I have one other Joe Childs Cue and Im going to take the pair to Joe for some minor repairs, maybe just leave them alone. The cue hits great, and is really long with that bumper. The other cue I have of his, is very long as well. In the past I have seen some of his snooker cues, so These might be made for snooker?? Not sure, but Im going to be in contact with Joe, to get the story behind the cues. He is a older gentleman from south arkansas. I have been told he was dead but those were just rumors. Its nice to know he is still alive and making cues for a great price. You should contact him about making a cue!


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joe childs info

Im working on getting his information. I have his address but not his new phone number! So any more opinions of the cue. Bump Bump