John Barton Case- a simple, rich 3x5 AWESOME


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Well, John knocked it out of the park again as far as I'm concerned. I was really inspired by the case he made for Chris so he made me one. It is a 3x5 with the secure tubing and has a top pocket for JPs. The flap on that has a magnet in it for latching. The photos don't really capture the color of this case unfortunately. It's really a rich dark brown.
John was VERY easy to work with. He listened and made a couple of changes with no hesitation. He sent me a bunch of details and pictures along the way. If you're thinking of using John for a case, don't hesitate for a minute!
Usually I get something I've ordered and there are one or two things that bug me or are done a little sloppy. I can't find one flaw on this case! The craftsmanship and design are flawless.
Thanks John and crew!








sponge bob

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WOW! Absolutely beautiful!

I agree, Johns work is flawless, really wish I didn't have to get rid of mine.:frown:


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I agree, beautiful case. John does excellent work and his customer service is the best. Nobody should hesitate doing business with John, he is one of the best.

OK, he does get a little excited in his posts sometimes, but other than that...

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That is a BEAUTY...
Turned out very nice and love the way the cues are held in place.


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The case is quite handsome.. I agree, JB does make a fantastic case..


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Turned out great, Monte!

I have to thank you for that Chris. I was blown away by the design you and John came up with. Your case made me contact John. I told myself I would never spend more than $100 on a case, but yet when I saw your design all that went out the window! It was the best money I ever spent as far as I'm concerned.
Thanks Chris!


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. . .I told myself I would never spend more than $100 on a case,

I hear ya. JB converted me from a $100 case guy also. If I win the lottery, I'll be back for a 4x8 collector with full tooling and a golf stand!

Excellent case BTW. You have excellent taste!


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That's a beauty I like your choice of leather, rich and classy and kinda 60s.

I like my JB case. John was fun to work with and delivers what he promises with pride of workmanship, which is what you are looking for when dealing with a craftsman.



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That's right, I forgot you have a JB Case. I remember liking yours a lot.
Kevin, he's making a matching drum stick bag for me too. Can't wait.