Josswest Box Cues (Early) by Bill Stroud


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Hi All,

Here are some of the early Josswest box cues by Bill Stroud in my collection. All are over 30 years old. Many have interesting owner history, including Richie Florence, Jim Rempe, Omaha John Shuput, and others.

The pink ivory cue was Stroud’s personal player for years, and was featured in a 1989 Smithsonian Magazine 6-8 page article about Bill Stroud’s Josswest cues.

I have more, and will take some additional pictures and add to this thread.

Will Prout

I encourage anyone with a Bill Stroud Josswest box cue to please post your pictures!


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Goodness Will, that's quite the family portrait!! Thanks for always giving us a peek at these bits of cue making history. So much I'd never have the opportunity see.
Be safe and well!


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Beautiful cues, Will

No matter what is made today, I think this era was the best.

All the best,


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At least we know where Meucci got some of their ideas from.

The first box cue ever made was done by Ernie Gutierrez of Ginacue,in 1969
for Hall of Famer Champagne Eddie Kelly. I own this Ginacue also, and will
post some rare Ginacue cues soon, including The Ginacue first box cue.

Will Prout