Josswest things for sale


Fagor lathe controller (used) with PLC motors and AC allen bradley drives. 3000.00 cost 8K

Fagor Mill controller 8055 (new) with Allen Bradley motors, drives, cables. 8000.00 cost 25K

Richmill indexer (like Haas) programmable *used). Use with pantagraph or CNC. 1000.00 cost 5K

Scrimshaw machine (new) Adjustable for impact and frequency 500.00

2 Hardinge manual 5C indexers
1 tailstock

I large Ivory tusk uncut 8000.00

Pratt Burnerd collet chuck no collets 500.00

Vacuum pump 100.00

Aloris AXA tool post (used) a little rust on handle no holders 100.00

Various Ivory cut pieces mostly ends CALL

Various metal parts 5/16-14 ACME and others CALL

Various spool linen many colors CALL

Lots of other stuff

call 575-378-5677

Bill Stroud
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post some pics pls

thx sir

Here is the controler:




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Scrimshaw Machine

I'm Interested in the Scrimshaw Machine. any pics or other details would be appreciated.

Thanks, Steve Dunkel


I'm Interested in the Scrimshaw Machine. any pics or other details would be appreciated.

Thanks, Steve Dunkel


The scrimshaw machine is a small electrical box with 2 dials, a foot pedal and a carbide tipped stylus. The dials control the intensity of the stroke and the frequency of the stroke. It works very well for large areas of dots. The finest detail you will still need to do by hand. This machine is used by all the best and is like new.

Bill Stroud


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Mr. Stroud I recieved the three rolls of linen today and just wanted to say thanks again for a good deal and to leave you an Itrader.--Leonard

ken johnson

bumper for josswest cue

Bill,i need your help dateing a cue i have and i need a couple of bumpers for the cue 2.its a 3/8 10 radail pin ivory jiont and butt with green/white cortland linen four veneers dark/green olive/green maple and black.i know in 1983 and 1984 you didnt mark your cues .this cue is not marked anywhere not even on the spanner bolt.the bumper has dry rotted on the cue and i need your help getting another one and a extra.the inside diameter of the butt where the bumper fits is 5/8" and the allen bolt threads directly into the spanner bolt. I hope this helps identify this cue because nobody knows the age and its my favorite cue and im unable to shot with this beauty in fear of breaking the ivory butt.

My name is ken johnson ive purchased many josswest cues from don sherman and i can honestly say your the man.please help me.989 739 0147 ty !!!!!!!!!!!!