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  • Looking for weight bolts for E series McDermott cue with old style bolts (3/8"). A complete set would be nice. Cue is E-H1 made from 1990-1995. you still collect tip boxes? I have about 5 to trade or sell right now, put some on a thread...

    I tried your cold method and used some heat to try to straighten a really warped shaft. I am not sure if I was doing this incorrectly or if the warp was too severe. I went against the advice of "Do Not Add Moisture" and I wrapped the cue in a towel, binded with rubberbands, then used a clothes steamer to steam the towel. Then the high point up, I had placed the cue on books, and added a little weight to the middle of the shaft. I repeated the process seeing slight results each time. The final few attempts I had hung the towel wrapped cue so it was perfectly vertical, steamed more and then let it dry completely like this. The shaft is now completely straight. I recognize that moisture can damage the cue more, but as a last ditch effort it worked well.
    hey there im in everett wa and i was seeing you did a repair on a vintage japan adams cougar pool cue i recently got one but the joint needs a repair the pin is lets say gone i dont care about the shaft but i was wondering how much you would charge to put a new joint including pin on it i was thing like a predator unilock or a mcdermott 3/8x11 ?please let me know through email at
    If I can manage to stop by at your place after a 5 hour drive the last thing I'm going to play is one pocket. But a cool free bottle of water would be nice.
    If you are interested in the the cue can you send me an e-mail and I will reply with better pics. I always have issues posting pictures on this site.
    You're the birthday boy today. I hope you do something today that makes you happy. These birthdays only come around once a year, so make the most of it!

    Hey Craig. My number is 928-642-7022, feel free to drop me a text or whatever. I'll head down one of these days! Just don't make fun of me if I can't make a ball =P
    hey manwon, any chance of getting copies of Burton Spain's two booklets. I saw in a older post that you had original copies. Thanks Jay My email is
    Hello Manwon,
    I read a post last month that you may have the old Mcdermott bumpers with the screw. If so I am interested in a couple to replace on my C-series cues. Thanks for your reply. Mike T.
    Hi Manwon,how are you? im a snooker player from Australia and recently noticed your interests in Kieckhefer chalk. I have around 200 cubes total of blue,cream and the pinky red one. As i play snooker they are all no use to me as i use the green. I just was wondering if you would or would know of anybody interested to trade for some green or would sell me some green? thank you for your time. Alex
    Thank you for the kind advice on the RO forum. I'd love to hear a bit about your own experiences sometime, if you can take the time for it. My own plans are on the shelf for now, but I do want to do it in a few years when I'm better prepared and able to financially.
    Just saw you on TV.Wow what an explosion!Also saw Chilly and another player in the background.It looks like no1 got hurt..this is good.
    Hey Craig.Want to thank you for the tip and cleaning and fixing my ferule today.I played better then I have a some time,its nice not looking at that beat up ferule :)
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