Ken Shuman’s ponytail


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Best I could get from a match yesterday...



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Hair looks pull back, and neat. Problem not really.

Beatles we’re long hairs who broke short n neat hair barrier.


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It looks like a pony tail to me. Ken’s a great guy, and he changed up his look. That’s pretty cool. Thx for the pic. I’m pretty lame not having any TV, but it bores me.

Fatboy(can’t grow a pony tail-my hair just won’t get long)


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It’s kinda natural to wanna grow a pony tail when you’ve been hanging around all them stakehorses.


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The “Shoe” will do an expert job.
Not sure what his hair has to do with it.
I’m happy he has hair.
Please send better pictures


My hair is below my shoulders and I pull it back in a ponytail sometimes. My beard is around a foot long. I have looked about the same in varying degrees for 50 years. When I was young it was a biker look, now it is more homeless look.

I have been stopped by police I know due to my looks. Once driving my own car because they thought I may have stole it.
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Ken is one of the best referees around
from past interviews and meeting him i would not have expected him to grow his hair long
it doesn't offend or bother me