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After reading the review by TATE about the new OB Classic shaft, I decided to give it a try and after much await before the shaft is officially available, I contacted my good friend here, KJ (@ KJ Cues) to have him custom make the joint collar to fit my TS.

Well, this is not the first time I deal with KJ and I have to say that he had never let me down. Several of my Japanese friends have had KJ custom make 314-2, OB shafts and they were totally impressed by his work. Not to mention that KJ always deliver quickly and the email communication with him was great! In my case, it took ONLY about 10 days from the day he started building the collar to shipping it all the way to me in Tokyo. :eek::eek::eek:

Next, the shaft. The first impression I got when I made the first few shots was that, the shaft is short :confused:
I was unconsciously holding the very end of the butt (instead of the wrap area which I usually hold) and I was like "huh? did my cue shrink?" :confused:
After a while I realized that somehow the super short ferrule creates some sort of a illusion that made me feels that. (not a biggie, I was able to get used to the looks after 5-10min of play)
I have shot with all Pred's shafts, OB-1, 2, all kind of Mezz & Adam LD shafts, and I have to say the OB classic is the best among them all. It does not give me the hollow feel like the Pred's, it doesn't feel as 'whippy' as the earlier OB shafts. I am not sure about the weight but it definitely is heavier than most 314-2, OB-1, 2 due to the fact that it is not hollow/cored.
Draw & follow shots are achievable easily and the amount of deflection when applying side english is also relatively low. I actually started pool with a 314 shaft which gave me pretty low CB deflection but lack of solid feel and about a year ago I switched to a old school maple shaft which gave me exactly the opposite of a 314. The OB classic shaft is a compromise of both and I think the guys at OBcues did a great job! :clapping:

That's all for my review and below is a crappy picture I took on the ring work KJ did for me. From the picture it seems that the size is slightly off but in real it matches PERFECTLY. Oh, by the way KJ doesn't work on Ivory so he used a replacement material for the white bit.
I will try to get better picture over the weekend.

This is my Tim Scruggs and below is the shaft KJ made.



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As far as shaft and joint work matching ringwork he would be my number 1 choice! being local to me I have seen his work first hand over the years if you need something like that done or any cue repair you will not be sorry he has done some tim scruggs shafts for me that were perfect also great with southwest ringwork I have seen done for don sherman top notch work!


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KJ did a custom (ring + add weight) OB-1 shaft for me a while ago and did a great job. I definitely recommend him :thumbup:

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Of course, I'm very honored whenever my work is displayed and I appreciate the kind words that have been said.

Chi Wai lives in Japan and provides excellent pics for me to work from.
That and he knows how to use calipers. Thank You.
It is always my great pleasure to provide this service for you.

To Lee : While we're not cut from the same cloth, I realize that we share some common-ground and interests. Your gracious comments are both welcome and appreciated. Thank You Sir.