''Kopy Kat Cases''


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I received my first ''Kopy Kat Case'' today,,,

It features all of the wonderful traits of the ''GTF'' replica at a fraction of the price,,!!

The one I purchased is a gorgeous grey, it includes a lush, brown protective cover that easily and snugly close with a quality draw string...

The seam on the case is flawless and is far superior to the many seams that I seen on ''Fellini's''..

The top lid features an insert with the ''Kopy Kat Case'' logo, I'm told that down the road, cue makers can have their name and logo adorned in the insert as well,,

The case boasts the ''loveable hug'' that is consistent with all ''GTF'' cases,,as well as the ''GTF'' tag inside the case,,,

The lid closes with a very cool ''Whoosh'' sound as the vacume is sealed to protect the cue,,

The case looks like leather, feels like leather and has that ''new car smell like leather'' but alas, it made from a very high quality Vinyl,,

Overall, a wonderful value in a stunning cue case !!

My review is based on the ''Siamese Grey '' that I purchased,,,,,

You can see them at :

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Yeah, the link doesn't work. How many times have you posted the link to Indy Q yourself CC?

If you can't find your way over there from the info posted, chances are, you probably wouldn't be able how to figure out how to insert your cues into a GTF case anyway.


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i bought one

for a customer that carries his cue on his motorcycle, and he liked the way the top fits so snug, also when the cues are in the case you can take the top off and turn the case upside down and the cues will not falll out, we play in many bars that have concrete floors around the tables and the snug fit is good. i think its a great case for the value, now if it only stands up over time.


GTF Prestige, Embossed Black Leather (lizard pattern), Polished Steel Lock

that's my case and i love it, perfect, no complaints


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