***Lambros BEM Merry Widow For Sale***


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Up for sale I have a Mike Lambros cue I bought
a few months ago from Martin of Superior Cues. Other than one of
the shafts having been played, the cue is in like new condition. There
are no nicks or dings whatsoever in the butt of this cue. Sadly I must
admit, due to my job and my much longer commute to work, I do not
play pool but one day a week now that pool leagues are over. The
only reason I'm selling this cue is because I have plans of having Mike
build me a cue made out of some Honduran Rosewood Burl that I was
fortunate enough to be able to pick up. So, because my camera is not
operating at the current moment, I'll post pictures of this cue that were
taken by Martin. (Thank you Martin)
The price of the cue is SOLD shipped. I am NOT entertaining ANY trade
offers on this cue, so please do not ask. The price is firm. Thank you
for your consideration...

Lambros highly figured golden birdseye merry widow cue with black with white speck linen wrap.
Deco rings at all positions, two exceptional shafts 12.9mm (3.48/ 3.50 oz.), joint protector set and
cue extension. Weight: 18.73/ 18.75 oz. with 18-7/8" balance point.

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Hehe I would have said glwys except you've already sold this cue. I've also just sent Mike some Honduran Rosewood Burl for a cue. We might have even bought the wood from the same source..heh.