Lifting weights and pool


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What I do...

CTYankee said:
Do any of you serious players lift weights? My wife finally got me the weight set I have been dying for, but I know even a little soreness will throw off my pool game. Any advice on minimizing the damage to my pool progress?

I play pool on my "off" days of working out.

The best player in my town however, works out daily and well, play pool daily.

Just my inputs.



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I agree

You will probably feel an awkward adjustment to your game when you start working out but I think you will find once you get past it that your game might just improve. Healthier body = more stamina, more strength, more balance and control, and usually more confidence. Make sure you're doing a lot of stretching too so you're not so tight when you go to play pool. One of the best road players I know makes it a point to go jogging when he's traveling. Best of luck.