Looking for a repair guy or cue maker close to Rockford IL


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I Would like to have the Irish linen on my Jacoby cleaned and pressed. And I also might have a shaft coming that I need the collar resprayed with a couple coats of clear to get the Joint diameter from .825 to .850 .

Is there anyone on here that could recommend someone good close to the Rockford IL area

Thanks Much


Rick Geschrey
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Cue Repair Shop In Algonquin


My name is Rick and I own a 11,000 sq. ft. pool hall called Main Street Billiards in Algonquin. We have a custom cue shop and I have been doing cue repair for 6 years for my customers and 250 league members.

Our Custom Cue Business is called Esoteric Cue. My partner Ray Hernandez was the last cue maker at Omega DPK. I can help you service your items.

Please give me a call @ my cell # 847 641-0276. I will give you expert work at a good price.

Rick Geschrey
Esoteric Cue


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Thanks for posting when I'm ready I'll be sure to check you guys out