Luca Brecel


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There are some videos on youtube where he breaks 147 at age 14 (

He allso played legends like parrot and stevens in some feature matches at the belgian championships.

He is from the same city as I am. Ran into him at the snooker hall a few times. a nice guy. Very mature for his age is what I noticed. When I first saw him play he was 13, but he was able to make conversation asif he was 16. Most 13year olds reply only in yes or no when talking to a stranger, this guy talked to me like I'd known him for years.

I hope to see him go to the top in the coming years.
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That young man is amazing! Looks like a machine. Shot making is near perfect and ball control is spectacular for any age.


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After becoming WC he played at the Vienna open, guess signed up before the Crucible.


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Nice write up.


This is the video I saw at the time, been a fan ever since...

And.. some of the comments didn't age well, ha ha ha!

Lots of dumb ones about table size, him being 12 at the time.

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I’ve also been a big fan of him since before he qualified for the tour. It’s been a lot of ups and downs but I’m pretty excited to see him get a world championship. While I don’t see him as heir to the Ronnie/Stephen/Steve or anything lofty like that, I can see him being the next major crowd favourite in same vein as Jimmy White. He’s an exciting player to watch, has a attractive style and just generally seems like a nice kid. It’s hard not to root for him.