Mach 3 Display Table Question.


Rick Geschrey
Silver Member

I had some problems setting up my mach 3 because of some computer issues earlier this year. Back up and running for last 3 month and loving the reliability of everything working well.

Question: is there a simple way to zoom the display table view. When I open a GCode on Mach 3 it is very tiny and I have to scroll my mouse. It gets to a point where I can view the toolpath but at some point it does not get any larger.

Is there hot key, config or way to prompt the program to view it larger?

Thanks in advance for any advise.



AzB Silver Member
Silver Member
I'm not sure what you're talking about for "Display Table," so I'll offer a few suggestions for Mach3.
To display larger GCode, go to Function Cfg's ->Fonts to select the size & font for your DRO's, Labels, Code & Buttons.

If your issue is with displaying the toolpath, try a combination of toggling the "Display Mode" button and clicking on the green/red/blue Axis Orientation icon at the bottom left of the Toolpath display to cycle between the X/Y/Z axis. That should zoom in on the toolpath from there.
Also, don't forget to set your Rotation Radius on the A axis in settings so it can be properly displayed.

Hope that helps,