Maryland Bar Box Shoot Out NOV 2-3


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November 2-3
Great Slates- (410-221-7665)

$60.00 Entry Fee
$500 Added
Top Female finish wins $60
100% Payback
Double Elimination!!
Race to 7
Race to 9 Finals (one set)
Rack Your own
9 does not count on break in bottom two pockets
Alternate Break

Must be signed up before 11:30AM
Calcutta starts at 11:30AM

Payouts based on 64 players:
1st $1000
2nd $750
3rd $550
4th $440
5th $310
6th $310
7th $230
8th $230
9th $130
10th $130
11th $130
12th $130

Entry fees can be sent to:
Danny Bell
3549 Chateau Dr.
East New Market, Md 21631

Entry Fees can be paid by Paypal as well- I will PM anyone who needs it.

My Cell is 443-521-4160

Last tournament we ran had close to 80 players. Every tournament we have ran at Great Slates has great turnouts with decent calcuttas.

This will be another good turnout.

Hope to see everyone there


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Tournament is three days away. We have a good number of people coming, Hope to see everyone there.


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You know it is gonna be another good one...

Who you got coming into town this time? There was no player list this time!

Its open, So I did not have people prepay. I have a list of people I have talked to or some people who have paid, I have around 50 on my list, That does not include walk ins that I have know clue that is coming. Im thinking 60 to 80 players.


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It was another great tournament at Great Slates. We had 59 Players. We where done all but one match by 8:30 on Saturday night. We then brought back 12 players on Sunday. Tournament was done by 7:30 and Danny Green was crowned the champion. The players where happy to finish early Saturday night so they could match up. There where five tables going with action at the same time. Everyone was very happy with the payouts and the player auction. John Moody has a first class business with a great atmosphere in Great Slates. We will be having another tournament in April. I want to say thanks to all the players who came to play. Pool rooms are closing right and left. Player support is what makes this a great event. Thanks again.
Danny Green 1st $1000 + $1000
Jarrod McGee 2nd $750 + $600
Matt Krah 3rd 3rd $500 + $300
Fred Scott 4th $400 + $200
Kevin west 5th $300 + $100
Patrick Carosi 5th $300 + $100
Traci majors 7th $200 + $60 for highest female finish
Brett stolmeyer 7th $200
Chris Bruner 9th $100
Joshua McCauley 9th $100
Joey mastermaker 9th $100
John Moody 9th $100