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Here is a very cool 1/1 Matcase which I had made several years ago but never used. I asked for a theme case that would give somewhat of an Americana/Aztec/ Westerm feel.

The top has an abstrct turtle design and the body is very detailed. This is envelope style case carries a butt and 2 shafts. On the front there is a cactus embossed with lines with and arrow doing down and another going to the righ...or you could say sort of pointing south and west.

This is perfect for taking a cue from home to a pool room. The workmanship is spectacular and it is an orginal signed by Marc.

NO Trades, cash only. Shipped only conus, $1650 obo.



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Lot of work went into the carving...nailed the design you was looking for. Color flow and layout very nice.
Nice case!


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Another really nice case
i like your taste in american indian style

will prout loves these western style,i hope he gets it
it would compliment his already beautiull collection