Memorial Day


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Art Carney served in WW2
Kramden served Ed Norton on Honeymooners.




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Iceman is Finnish. Respect to Finnish shooters.

Eva Henrik and Marcus are Swedish. Hail to the Swedish snipers.

Both will gain NATO experience.

Roll paper around bottle and stand and paint it.



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Today I hope to attend at least 3 of the 4 Memorial Day Services it's a great day in my part of Montana with blue clear skies and no excessive wind yet for a change .

All gave some , some gave all let's never forget their sacrifices !


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I posted this earlier this morning in the NPR Forum. Since some don't visit that forum, I'll repost here. This exhibit is worth knowing about.

National Veterans Art Museum. Chicago, Illinois
Created by Rick Steinbock, Ned Broderick, Joe Fornelli and Mike Helbing

The Wall in Washington, D.C. is probably the best-known tribute to those killed in action during the Vietnam War. The only other exhibit honoring those killed in action is this one, which opened May 26, 2021, just over 3 months before 9/11.

  • The installed exhibit is in a 10-foot by 40-foot space
  • It is on the second floor of a two-story atrium, 24 feet above the entrance
  • The changing breezes in the building cause the dog tags to create a sound similar to chimes
  • It initially had 58,307 replicated dog tags, all created by Veterans
  • Each hangs from a bent piece of stainless steel wire strung 1 inch apart
  • Each has the soldier’s name, service arm and date of death

Above and Beyond - Vietnam Veterans KIA Memorial.jpg