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looking for places to play in miami area. lookin for decent clean place 9 ftrs nice equipment. any suggestions. ill be in the area in april.
oh yeah any places to avoid?


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I guess Miami doesn't have much to offer as far as pool is concerned...

How about the whole state of Florida, where are the best places to play there?


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Don't know Miami but i do know there is a room on Oakland Park blvd. in Fort Lauderdale.
In WPB there is Grovers on Military trail and Southern blvd.
In Palm Beach you have the Golden Q on Forest hills blvd.
There are also a couple of place in Coral springs which is about 40 minutes NorthWest of Miami.

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Here you go...

From an earlier post I wrote:

1- There's "New Wave Billiards" 1403 Southwest 107th Avenue Miami, FL 33174-2527 - (305) 220-4790
They've got handicapped tournaments Monday through Thursday. (8 and 9 ball). They've also got about a half dozen heated billiard tables. It is across the street from FIU, and is "Best for the college-aged crowd."

2- "Doral Billiards" 7800 Northwest 25th Street, Doral, FL 33122 (305) 592-8486
They've got a ton of Brunswick Metros and about a half dozen heated Chevillotte billard tables. Their crowd is a touch older than New Wave's. It is the "Best Sports Bar/Pool room."

3- "SharpShooters," 7200 Southwest 117th Avenue, Miami, FL‎ - (305) 596-0588 They probably have the best tables overall (Gold Crowns), and is the first one I'd consider a "pool room" where you're liable to find some action. They've got great specials from noon til 5, and another happy hour special from 5-8. Most Sundays they have a handicapped tournament as well. "Best pool specials," for sure.

4- Gatsby's, 8575 Southwest 124th Avenue, Miami, FL‎ - (305) 412-2220
They're the "Best Upscale Poolroom." They have private rooms with tables for private parties, and weekly poker tournaments on Tuesday nights. No action there, though.

5- "The Corner Pocket," 518 East Oakland Park Boulevard, Oakland Park, FL‎ - (954) 566-3556
This is actually in Hollywood, and about 30-40 minutes North of Miami. It is definitely an old-school poolroom.

6- Good Time Billiards 11865 SW 26 st Miami, FL (305) 226-5526
This is an old room under new ownership- the Chirino brothers, whose focus is on a pool hall with good customer service. Check them out at
Call and see- I think they're starting weekly tournaments.

7- Last, but not least, is Hollywood Billiards-430 South State Road 7, Hollywood, FL‎ - (954) 981-4066
It is 30-40 minutes North of Miami, but is definitely the "Best action room" in the area. They've got a weekly handicapped tournament as well, and I think afternoon pool specials.

Uwate may have said it better than I, but here's his opinion on the local rooms:

Sharpshooters: Friendly regulars, usually the place you will find the best players in Miami. Some afternoon action and they have a $5 all you can play special noon to 5. Happy hour pool time special 5-8 where its free pool if you buy two drinks. Do not go on Free beer nights, the place is wall to wall bangers. Gold Crowns/Simonis. Best high dollar action is usually 1p but cheap sets of 9ball and straight pool can be had here.

Pegs Pocket: No action. Hodge podge of tables mostly gandys and gold crowns. Not really recommended, very few players go here even though this was the premier room in miami in the 80s.

Bird Bowl: No players. Non smoking room. Two GCs and the rest are gandys. Simonis cloth. Not recommended as there are no players.

Hollywood Billiards: In Broward county. The best players in Dade/Broward hang out here. Lots of 3 and 4 figure sets go down here and you can find action at all speeds. You have to be a bit careful here though. At least one story I have heard from multiple people had a road player get jacked in the parking lot. Airballs and tough matching up goes on here. The owners are great and the locals for the most part are good people. If you get down, unless you have some insight into who you are playing, make em post! 6x12 Golf game is always going during the day and most of the night. The have a fantastic ribeye steak special here. $8 for a steak!

Doral Billiards: Newer room, Brunswick metros and 4 or 5 heated billiards tables. Great place to play 3 cushion. No real pocket billiards action that I have seen. Banger hangout. Not recommended for pool, just for billiards.

New Wave: Brunswick gold crowns. The place in miami that currently has tournaments. Mon and wed is ninebal $10 entry/handicapped. Tues and thurs is 8ball. 10 entry, also handicapped. Expect to get handicapped high as a newbie. Largely spanish crowd, a bit loud at times but good people. You will find most of the APA 4-7 speed players here. They run league out of here too. recommended

South beach has a place called the Lost Weekend. Bar table tournament that starts around midnite on tuesdays. Usually a pretty soft field. No entry fee and i think it pays 100 first. Good place to go get some drinks, watch the South Beach Gazelles run and maybe snap off a small 8ball tourny.

I'm gathering by you posting here about info, that you want to go to a place where there are at least some players. Felt is not the place to go. You will see hot chicks and most likely their asses will be on the tables next to the beer spill stains. If your going out on southbeach, i guess its ok...but thats not a pool hall.


Good luck and enjoy!

March 20 i have a $40 entry 9 ball handicapped tournament.
If your around PM me and we can talk.
This is the most accurate information you can get for South Florida.