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  • paypal is

    $14.96 less 20% is $11.96 + $1.00 shipping = $12.96

    thanks for the order
    Take 20% off either the $14.95 ($11.96) for the oak tools or take 20% off the $19.95 ($15.96) for the Aluminum tool. $1.00 shipping either way & i'll throw in a shaft burnisher as i am redoing the ones I have and as I am having some made with the "Last 4 Ever" logo and have some stock to burn through. Let me know if you want nickel radius or dime radius (or why not one of each) and send me your e-mail and I can send you a PayPal invoice.
    Happy Birthday to one of AzBilliard's finest. May the coming years bring you peace of mind, good health, and love in your heart!
    sorry my rep message got cut off

    "its a secret for now, when I get there and settled then I'll be glad to tell you"


    thanks bob....hope you catch a few lunkers over the holidays....peace.
    i dont think its possible, i know the trick and he is just to far ahead, I got close, he had 1000 and i had 700 then i got lazy, i been narrowing the gap but its too strong. nobody else even noticed that i'm aware of
    sucks but I wont be able to go to the ICCS, I have the cue that would win the #1 in the grand collection, i'm going next year. to much going on this year to leave, sorry :(.

    my very best to you,

    im going to win the ICCS show this year ;) :). wait and see, i'm booking my trip tomarrow. Looking foward to meeting you,
    Ahhh shit, I'm in Vegas and will not be comming to LA for 2 weeks, I have to much going on here otherwise I would be there just to come see you. I will be in the WPB area within a few months, I have to go there on biz. I will be sure and let you knowin advance. Were in the process of flipping the switch on a new biz we been working on since last Sept-one of the LLC's is in Flordia, I might be moving there for a few months a year-within the next year, I'm not positive about that but its possible.

    sorry I cant make it to LA, watch out for those guys at HOB(house of billiards) in santa monica-all strong 1P players, and the golf players at Hardtimes. have a good time in LA, If you need advice or have questions about resteraunts etc while your there please let me know,

    eric :)
    Bob The pool table is a 7 ft.The room is 18x19.The rug is 11x8, Hope fully I will get a 9ft. someday soon.Nice bass boat. Lake Tarpon is a 5 minute walk for me great BIG BASS lake. Looks like you have a great set up for the pool room.Hit em straight. >>HANK<<

    i apologise i been triple busy, i had 2 seperate friends visiting at the sdame time, new biz, tattoo appointment in LA all inthe last 8 days. I havent got back to a lot of people. I Appologise. I'm in LA now I will be in Vegas tonight or earily tomarrow for a few weeks. My heart has been feeling funny too-got to have that checked again,

    i will be busy this week as well by the weekend things will be back to normal, i havent forgot about you,

    i sincerly appologise,


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