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Also, lot of people do not know that the proper way to say "Meucci" is May-ooh-chee.

I asked Bob Meucci once if it bothered him that people didn't say the name of his cues correctly? He replied, "I don't care if they call them McDermott's, as long as they buy them!" :thumbup:

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Why say or type so many folks moochie or muecci when they mean Meucci?

Because illiteracy is on the rise in America.

Even the big name talking heads on tv butcher the language.

Many pro athletes (college grads no less!) cannot read or write.

Many young people think it's cool not to study in school.

Americans don't have enough respect for non-Americans to pronounce their names properly...I've yet to hear a sportscaste pronounce Brett Favre's name correctly, and he's an American!

If you haven't seen the comedy classic, "Idiocracy"'s very funny and very prophetic.


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On a lighthearted note - it's, also, a southern thing. Typically, if you hear Moochie, it's below the Mason Dixon Line.



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Yeah, like Pesh-hour instead of Peach-hour.

Yeah there was a guy on my pool league team that played with a Pechauer, he would tell everyone how great his Pesh-hour cue is and how nothing else compared. One night I couldn't take it any more, I told him if he's gonna preach about his cue, at least get the name right! To this day he still argues that I am wrong!

As far as the moochies are concerned I don't think it is always said in a disrespectful manner, so folks just repeat what they hear and have no clue what they are even talking about.