Mosconi Cup Stream


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My DAZN feed is perfect on my Windows 10 OS computer with Chrome browser. I do have a very high-speed internet connection I use for work, which I'm sure helps.

I read somewhere that you can get Sky coverage of Mosconi Cup in USA on Firestick. Not sure if that's true or not, but I do have Firestick. If time allows, I might check it out. But then again, today may be the last day if things don't pick up. USA, ALL THE WAY!


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Same issues here but not on Apple TV just on my PC. going to try it today on my wifes Mac-book and hopefully with better results as it was unwatchable and very annoying. I had subscribed to DAZN a few years back to watch snooker and Matchroom events and kept the subscription going until last-years Masconi was a joke and were the worlds so I cancelled and resuscribed yesterday to only find out it was the same BS... DAZN worked really well for me and then as mentioned went for a crap. This is the only stream I have had issues with and I watch alot of different streams. Fk I hope it works today!

Cheers and go U.S.A
I had switched over to Apple and my stream was flawless for day 2. the hard part was sucking it up and asking the wife to use her Apple i-pad after 12 years of saying I cant stand Apple and refused to use any of them. For the record I inherited one of my wifes older i-pads and I love it :)