Mosconi cup


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Sorry I couldn't get you the Watergate tapes.

The "rumors" originated from several pro players :oops:
You know the new rule. unedited video or it didn’t happen. Even if video is provided it may have never happened.

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We start off with a great team match! Tight pockets even the score. Shane shined, making a couple of trick shots to win both his matches.

Tyler looks strong, making two cross side banks on the way to winning the final game. USA leads 1-0.

The atmosphere is electric and the US crowd almost sounds like the Euros in London. Don’t tell me anymore the amateur players don’t know the pros. The stands are full of league players supporting team USA.

This is shaping up to be a hotly contested MC.


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Can someone list the results of all the team match games, who beat who Or can I find it somewhere . Can’t watch I’m afraid


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I say it every year, but I have no idea how this isn’t a bigger event. I think ESPN will eventually realize how good of a product it is (specifically the Mosconi Cup).