Mosconi in the Army

Mr. Bond

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Interesting that he picked "actor" as his profession.
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Term of enlistment
The duration seemed flexible...I wonder if he was in for 526 days


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Mosconi had a deferment for most of the war, working at a defense plant.

After D-Day, as the war was winding down and his work no longer needed, he volunteered to go entertain the troops. So enlisting to travel to different posts as part of the morale, welfare, and recreation division probably led to him choosing, or having chosen for him, the actor category.

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WWII, my father was an only child and did not get drafted like many of his friends.
He ended up enlisting in the Marines anyways, it was for the "duration" of the war. Nobody knew at the time how long it would last.
He ended up serving 39 months, mostly in the south Pacific. I heard many stories of Guadal Canal and taking R&R in Australia where he loved mutton. He also met a girl over there and who knows? I may have a 1/2 brother or sister from that encounter....
Anyhoo, after the war ended they were shipped stateside and he was polishing brass railings as he put it. He got bored and opted out at that point.
I wish he was still around, loved hearing those old stories.