Movie Scenes with pool tables




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Timely question.

Watched the movie ‘Clue’ yesterday evening. Nice pool table.


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No way to count the number of movie bar scenes that use the sound of a break shot to begin the scene...


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There's more than one scene with a pool table in "Trouble With the Curve," which is a good film (2012) starring Clint Eastwood, Amy Adams, and Justin Timberlake.

Also, Kevin Costner drops by the local poolroom very near the end of the 1988 film "Bull Durham."
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A classic!!! The Last Picture show has a lot of scenes in it with pool tables. Recently on a run up to Dallas for a Mecum Auction we decided to run over to the town where that movie was filmed since it was close by. It still looks mostly the same as in the movie!

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The reason I am posting pictures is for reference. I have a super secret classified beyond Top secret project that is pool related.
I haven't really watch movies so I am finding this now.

Shaun of the Dead is British Humor, but its nice a pool cue will keep them safe from the zombie apocalypse.
Movie is extremely funny in the British way.