Moving shop, selling blanks, wood, and other random stuff.


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How does it compare to Macallan 12, 18?

Highland Park?...I've only had the 30 and the 18, but I doubt it's THAT(30) good....

Thank you KJ, my taste is inherited, I am a descendent of the Earl Marshal :thumbup:

Drambuie is a legendary liqueur made from scotch and honey and spices, wonderful stuff .... and so much cheaper in the USA.

Sorry for the minor hijack. Hope everyone gets their blanks soon. I can't wait to have mine (one of the veneered blanks made for Predator) made into a sneaky. As a Canadian and a fan of Falcon this will be an outstanding addition to my collection of sneakies.

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More to come......

Cocobolo/rosewood cue blank, not sure of the falcon model.

$40 each 6 available will sell all 6 for $200

BEM, predator 4k cue blanks, 2 are a falcon model of some kind

Predator $50 each 9 available
Falcon $30 each 2 available

Rosewood forearm, maple handles with double silver ring at A joint.
$20 each 36 available

I would like a couple of your Cocobolo/rosewood cue blanks and at least four of your Rosewood forearm, maple handles with double silver ring at A joint's...
What do you have left?
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If anyone is interested,I'd like to get a couple of the Falcon SP blanks. Tommy D.


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Any word?

I haven't heard back about this...
I sent a PM a week ago and haven't heard back.
Is this still for sale?