My first ebony 6 Pointer


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come on, just click on the picture to make them bigger...;-)


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Sorry, I hated those annoying popups...we'll see if this works...

I like it...I would like to know if the bottom of the points line up...can't tell from the glare...if those line up, then I say it looks SUPER SHARP!!! ;)

p.s. I also like your logo design...subtle, yet very unique...great job!




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I am a big fan of the way you did the points, it's looks very much like a Black Boar.


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thank you folks, I really appreciate your kind words!!!!

@ marcel: Yes your right, from now I don't need to play with my true balance brunswick. Concerning the case, we have to talk by time. I'm pretty sure we will get in common.

Just for the others for info. I sold my playing cue probably 8 months ago.
So I needed a new butt and cut down a bar cue mounted a 3/8-10 pin and changed the bumper construction. With that butt and a selfmade shaft I played for the last months. It played really nice, no question about it, but it's not comparable to an nice 6pointer for sure.

My webpage is under construction and it will get january until I will load it up.

The points a very nice touching in some positions. In 1 position honestly one point slightly not as good as the following pictures shows. Considering that it is the real first 6point, I think the result is accaptable:smile:

Just have a look: