My Gold Crown Projects

Island Drive

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Nice, reminds me of the 60's.
On my totally restored GC I here's what I did.
I loved the butcher block wood the aprons were made out of.
I had em all corn blasted/stripped.
Next, I did very light sanding, then a light stain and a couple coats of clear coat (pool rooms I'd recommend 3 coats of clear).
Some of the aprons have 8 pieces of stacked wood (poplar?) glued together.
When you exposed the underwood, it is beautiful.
Takes very little time to corn blast the entire wood, from aprons to all the underneath wood.
I'll try and get a pic for yah all if you would like.


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Look at that nice orange 5 ball😍😍😍😍


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With all of my Gold Crown projects complete, I thought I'd share some short clip videos of each.



Cue Rack:

Ball Polisher:
So maybe I missed it in the other (looong) thread, but where did you find a plate that says "gold crown ball polisher"?


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Boy would I love a polisher like yours. Alas, no economies of scale in any of it. A labor of love for sure. Awesome work Scott!


Great work all across the board and then a plus with the videos!

One thing that you might be able to sell; is a set of detailed pictures of the interior of your ball polisher with some dimensions, material list, and sources for purchase.