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Where to start???

The Mosconi Cup, had become kinda "old-hat" to me after seeing the same faces for Team USA every year, Earl, Archer...etc.
And it began to feel like everyone was going through the motions. The excitment was lost for me, to say the least.
Now...I have been a fan of Dennis Hatch for many back to the days of the Lexington All-Stars tourneys at the Continental Inn in KY, but had not seen him, other than occassional gambling matches recently, for several years. When i heard he was up for a place on the team, I immediately voted for him, hoping to get to see him play again. what I did not know, was how profound an influence he would make on how I watched this game.
Dennis showed emotion and heart, with an unmatched determination to win... to an extent that had me glued to the monitor for every shot. Every day, no matter what I was doing, I HAD TO BE HOME FOR THE MOSCONI CUP. Earl's antics were always interesting, but wore thin after a while...Dennis is different, he made this thing an obsession again!
For my vote, Dennis has earned a lifetime spot on Team USA. He is, in my opinion, an American Hero in the billiard realm. Here is a guy that had to get on the team by popular vote. There is a huge chance, that it could have been won by Rodney Morris, C. Williams, John Schmidt, Hillbilly, or others. (and ALL very deserving i must add)
But thank goodness it wasn't. Because i doubt anyone could have made it their own like Dennis did.
Congrats to all the guys on Team USA, Johnny, Corey, Oscar, SVB and Nick "Captain America" Varner...
And THANK YOU to Dennis Hatch... from me, and the rest of the country! You brought back the spark, the interest, the emotion, and dazzled with your amazing play. You are the MVP.
The display of emotion from Team USA shows that this sport is NOT only for dark, smokey, back alley rooms full of less-than-desirable characters. This is a real sport, with some very talented and classy individuals!

Thanks Dennis!
Congrats to Team USA!

And I'm counting down til next year!

Brandon Lee Spitler.

tom mcgonagle

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This was as moving as any pool experience I have ever had, and I wasn't even playing. It was extra special for me because I have known Dennis for a long time and knew he possed some amazing talent. It was even better to watch him showcase it.

It was the equivalent of the USA beating the Russians in ice hockey at Lake Placid. Yes folks, I believe in miracles. Thanks to Dennis and all the players on the American side. We have our pride back.

Dead Money

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Yep, Dennis really made that event special with his great play and emotion during the event. He is a guy who totally gets the point of the event. Nice job Hatchetman:)


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Great job

It was awesome to see a great, young player like Dennis Hatch play for the USA, he brought energy and excitement to the entire team. Great Job Dennis ! I think changing up the team was very exciting for the spectators and brought back the win for team USA


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I agree with you that several of the players in the past were on the team because of their reputations. I too had become very tired of Earl's antics. We needed new blood that cared about winning and showed heart. Every member of this year's team did just that. New members Dennis and Oscar were out to prove they belonged on the team and in my opinion should be there again next time. (Sorry, but nobody deserves a lifetime spot. Skills decrease with age and better, more deserving players will come along.) Shane in some of his post match comments said how much winning the Mosconi Cup meant to him as he had been on the last two losing teams. Thanks to Team USA, we can hold our heads high and be proud of their accomplishment. Maybe Dennis Hatch should be considered for team captain some day when his playing days are more of a memory.


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While other players may have let this event become something less than important to them, Dennis brought their focus back very quickly. He helped make some five plus hours of pool each day pass very quickly. Nevermind the idea that aside from a few less than perfect safes, he played nearly flawless pool. Much different team than prior years versions. Keep Hatch on next year's team.



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Dennis, made it fun to watch and not scary for a change. I like Rodney Morris and I always felt Rodney had to play his game and also hold Earl's chain which was no easy task and takes away from your concentration. When Dennis was at the table I was in a comfort zone knowing if he could not get out he would play safe and not take some winger at the ball and hope for the better. Looking at Team Europe's eyes when Dennis came to the table told me that they could chalk this set up. Fear is contagious and it spread through Team Europe like the 13 century plague when Dennis approached the table. Team USA were like a pack of dogs if 1 is mean there all mean and that is just what we needed. Think about the last 2 Mosconi Cups, we had more talent but not that mean streak...we did not have that BIG Toe that every foot needs and this year we had it. Thank you Dennis!!!!!:wink:


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I Agree

I agree completely. I was also proud of the way Archer coached Corey in their doubles match when Corey wasn't in dead stroke. Johhny also deserves a lot of credit as do all the team!

bob c

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It was awesome to see a great, young player like Dennis Hatch play for the USA, he brought energy and excitement to the entire team. Great Job Dennis ! I think changing up the team was very exciting for the spectators and brought back the win for team USA

He is worthy of all the praise being given him, but I don't think he qualifies as being young anymore. He'll be 39 next month. Only Johnny Archer is older and then only by a couple of years.