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  • Hope you enjoy today!
    iba - daniel 5 level player / c player likes to gamble and will take the worst of it. good f'n guy
    I was simply trying to get to Lampert's profile...and I couldn't remember her AZB name. So I needed to see if she had left you a message at any time. Don't read too much into it Disco ;)
    Oh how're trying to mark "your" territory on my AZB profile. What's next...are you going to come to my house and pee in my yard to warn other guys not to talk to me?
    Given that I don't even know what state you live in...I'm pretty sure the G-string must have been from one of your other stalkees. Or was one of your boys...playing a joke on you. Regardless...good luck with the 10 lbs...and remember, if your G-string is showing above your're a tramp.
    Like I said delusional. When the voices start telling you to hurt small'll be time for the electro-shock therapy. Just let me know so that I can renew my restraining order :D
    Our midnight sessions? You are delusional. That happened once...because I forgot to turn off my chat option on FB and you were apparently stalking me because it took all of 2.3 seconds for you to start a chat ;) Maybe they should up your meds :D
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