My Valley recovered with 760 Simonis

Do you prefer this gluedown method or the old way with out a flap ?

  • Old method

    Votes: 3 37.5%
  • New method with the flap

    Votes: 5 62.5%

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I recovered my Valley with 760 Simonis using the glue down method for the rails. I've done at least 50 tables in my life and its the 1st time I try gluing the rails instead of stapling. It certainly was easier to glue however I'm not sold on the idea of the sidepocket flap. I'm also not certain the people I recover for are going to like the flap verses the old method of just stretching the cloth super tight around the side pocket cushion facing. Any and all input is appreciated. Thanks !!

Billiard Myke

Billiard Myke
honestly it depends for me sometimes you can get that flap just so flat it doesnt even matter. with my customers i use my better judgment on the table the players ect ect i do alot of tables for housing development clubhouses i just staple em and flap em

Donny Wessels

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I prefer a fold in the side pocket. I use Glens method for the side pockets and I mist a little spray glue to hold everything flat.