Mystery cue


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Looking for help identifying this cue. Looks like some sort of production cue, but I can't find a name or marking.


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That's is an Auerbach cue out of Tulsa.

John Parker used corian in his inlays a lot in the mid 90's


We woulda won state!
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Any guess on its value?
And thanks a ton for the name, I would've never been able to find that out


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That would be my guess. I had an Auerbach.

Not sure on value. I hate dealing with the value issue but love chasing cue IDs.

A recent one on Ebay attracted no bids starting at 149. It was a stained curly maple cue with rings but no points. A sneaky with a wrap an phenolic joint sold for 130.

I would hope a fancier one like yours would attract more attention.

A plain player should merit a couple hundred I would hope, but the market is weak. They made cues ranging from a few hundred for a plain player up to several thousand for elaborate customs.

But again, the market is soft.

And this is a lesser known maker, but they are in the blue book.

You could just see what offers you get, feel the market out.