New Cue Caps from Alton!!


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This is from Alton:
"DeCola - Disintegrating Cue
This is Dan DeCola's version of the famous pair of Disintegrating Cues, originalliy created by the great Thomas Wayne...
Cool X inlay Joint Rings, a la Bill Stroud...
The Owner pointed out the Disintegrating Pool Table on the
Butt Sleeve. Clever creativity on Dan's part. and, as Thomas pointed out, the transfromation of the shape as it "disintegrates".
I was fortunate to be asked to make the Crown Cue Cap.
and, I loved the opportunity to re-create the " Famous X" Joint Ring..
Thanks KP.. :)"

Alton is a special friend--Thanks so much!!


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Very nice Ken. Alton caps are beautiful and add to the enjoyment of ownership.