New Pool table light its only $80k


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"If you like being distracted by projections and badass animations while you play pool, the Obscura CueLight is for you. It uses sensors and an overhead projector to create images that follow the balls as they bang around the table.

The system itself will set you back $80,000, no pool table included. At the Esquire Ultimate Bachelor Pad, where it's currently set up, it's projecting on a $125,000 pool table. Bottom line: you can't afford it.

In addition to this setup, where the balls reveal an image hidden underneath, you can also set it up to have flames track behind the balls, or water that ripples as the balls pass over it. It's a pretty awesome trick, one that works surprisingly smoothly.

They're working on new software that will make it more useful than flashy, too. Imagine playing pool and having the lines where you should shoot projected down on the table, with a computer doing all the math necessary to show you just where to aim and how hard to hit. Pretty sweet."

I Think I'd rather have a Diamond light over my table though :grin:


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I've seen that kind of thing at some of the casinos in Vegas. It projects an image of bubbles down on the ground, and when you walk through them, they get pushed away from where your feet go. It'd be fun to toy around with, but not something I would want to invest in, not even for the cool training tips it could give you.


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that sure is cool, not my style at all. But is is cool to watch. The guy breaking the balls in the video plays about my speed, but thats another topic.

Things like that help sell those kind of tricked out condo's in NYC, if its a $7,500,000 condo, $200,000 for a feature like that table is nothing. Its more like art-it sure as heck isnt pool.

give me a GC and a Gus and i'm thrille.