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Hi all,

I've recently joined the APA league because I really enjoy the sport. However, I'm more of a beginner than I thought. Out of every game I play I'm really lucky to win one. I started as an SL4 but after two weeks of bad games I will drop down to an SL2. It's very intimidating as the rest of my team are mostly SL4-5's, so when I don't win a game, I pretty much lessen our chances of getting to the playoffs. I really need to practice, but am not sure where to start. Any suggestions?

Also, I've been looking into getting my own cue. I don't need an expensive one, but something that won't warp over time.There's a bunch on ebay for less than $100 but am unsure of their quality.

Thank you.
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Welcome. A good start, depending on your budget, would be to work with an instructor. There are lots of certified instructor's on this site that could probably help you out as well. As for cues, there are a ton on this forum in the wanted/for sale section.


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Everybody has to start somewhere, it's always best to play with better players, you can learn a lot by watching them. If your team can set up one day a week, to help you out, you will be at a higher rate in no time. If you don't leave your cue outside, ever, and if you buy a used cue that's straight now, it probably won't warp because you touched it. There are great people on here, enjoy yourself. If you never improve at pool, blame your team mates,lol. Rod.


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Tell us where you are and you might find someone on here that can give you a hand.

You can also check out Dr. Dave's website for some beginner's tips on stance, stroke, bridging, aiming, etc.


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I agree with Mr. Ghost & when you're playing, take it one step at a time & if possible 'plan' your mis. By that I mean, when it gets difficult & the chances of you making your nest shot is well below 50%, maybe shoot a shot that opens your balls up or one that will leave your opponent a difficult shot. Also, safties are not dis-honorable in team leagues.

Good Luck.

Best Wishes,

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Welcome to the forum pool rebel. I am not a league player, but if there's a place to learn about them, this is the place. When a question pops into your head, use the search feature. It can be as handy as a pocket in a shirt. :smile:


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Where To Start? Free Info

Where To Look? :confused:

dr_dave - prolific poster

From Mike Page, Fargo Billiards

Bob Jewett - prolific poster

And if you haven't developed a closed mind to anything snooker :grin:

That stuff is how it is supposed to be done.

For how it is attempted .....
If you have a video camera and tripod - watch yourself - self knowledge :grin: