One Pocket Action Match of the year!


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How's that possible if, for example, Tony scores 7 and misses? There are just 8 balls left then.
Also notice in the posted screen pics above that the game starts out -1 to 0. That -1 is the person giving the ball. Alex, when he bothered to put it out, started each game with a penny by his hole.


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Current score is 28-21 Alex. Just turned it on so no idea what’s been going on.
I’ve only been able to watch sporadically and every time I have it’s been Alex making mistakes and losing racks but he must be doing something whenever I’m not looking.


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Big hill to climb for Tony from here. Just left out a couple hours ago to get home and Alex looked in top form. It sure was something else to watch them move that cue ball in person though. Very enjoyable!